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Fitunion New Coach Training Academy for Team BeachBody Coaches

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Alternatively you can use this site from TBB

How to Use this Site:

  1. If you don’t already have an account at Team Fit union, Register NOW for a free user account. PLEASE register with the online form!
  2. Check your email for your account credentials. As this site is for our FitUnion family members only, all new members need to be approved.
  3. Log in, Update any remaining information on your Profile page Update Your Profile. Be sure to hit save on the bottom left of the page.
  4. Next go through the pages/tabs we have prepared many tools for you. The world of Beach Body is HUGE and this site is our attempt to make the basics easy to figure out.
    1. Find all of your coach information here: -Find Your Coaching Information HERE
    2. How to Reset you Account Pawssword if you lost it!: -Reset Your Password
    3. Update your screen name (if necessary) at TBB – Don’t leave it as your coach number! -Update Your Screen Name HERE
    4. Inspect your TBB Web Sites.  Are they all Setup?  You need these to sell products! -Your TBB Websites
    5. Check Your Personal Volume (PV) Weekly – To Stay Active! -Check your PV
    6. How to Place an Order & Get Active -How to Order from TBB
    7. Active Status Guaranteed – No Checking -Making an AutoShip Order
    8. How to Modify your Existing HD Orders -Change your HD Order
    9. THREE Ways to Sell Your Products -Making Sales
    10. How to enroll a new Coach -Enrolling New Team Members

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