Beachbody Marketing Plan

After understanding the Vital Behaviors and knowing what daily activities help your business grow, you are ready to create a Beachbody Marketing Plan. Having a plan on what to share, connect, invite and follow-up about can give your business direction just by utilizing what Beachbody already offers.

Video Method

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Beachbody Marketing Goals!

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Yearly Overview

Beachbody has done some of the work for you in planning goals, they regularly (About every quarter) release new programs that provide an opportunity to share and sprinkle in some Nutritional programs every once in awhile. These programs usually offer a different type of workout from the previous, this gives an incredible opportunity to never run out of content!

Cadence of Beachbody Marketing Plan

  • Winter programs are often longer and focused on big results. This is also when people plan their New Years Resolutions and have goals they are ready to commit to.
  • Spring programs are often Shorter to pull customers back in that may have fallen off track since Winter. It gives an opportunity to get a Fun, quick win and get people believing in themselves and their fitness goals again.
  • Summer programs are usually more intense and longer in length. It can provide an opportunity for continued success and goals from either Winter or Spring Program. It also allows people to reconnect with their goals Halfway through the year.
  • Fall programs are often shorter and more Niche-based again. Focusing on remaining in balance versus Weight Loss.

Pain Points and Aspirations

For Each new Program Launch there are two main areas to post about, Pain Points and Aspirations.

Pain Points – Problems that the ideal client has and how the program can solve them.
Aspirations – Wellness goals and how the program can get them there.

Beachbody Marketing Pain points and Aspirations

Below are some Examples of the Pain Points (P) and Aspirations (A) for the program “645”:

  • Strength – A – 645 is focused on functional resistance training, it can help clients build muscle
  • Mobility – P – 645 Contains Restorative Mobility workouts that can assist clients who need more mobility or restorative workouts
  • Longer Format – A – 645 Is a 13 Week program, over that length of time results should be noticeable meaning that clients only have to do the program once to see results.
  • NBA Trainer – P&A – Amolia is a NBA performance coach. Clients can see real world examples of what he brings, reducing fears surrounding an unknown workout by an unknown trainer or striving to be trained by someone so high-profile.

Creating a Plan around Each Launch


To create a good plan around each launch, you have to gather as much information as possible. While there are Multiple sources of information, we are going to focus on a few below:

Beachbody Marketing Plan Gather Information

  • Beachbody F.A.Q – This should be your primary resource for helping understand the offerings (Price, workout details, equipment needed and other questions clients may pose.)
  • Beachbody Blog – This resource can gain insight into the Pain Points and Aspirations for each program, often times giving good Beachbody marketing material that can be easily shared.
  • Trainer Social Media – Trainers want to gain attention for their new workout program just as much as you do. Looking at their posts and mimicking can give you an idea of how to create some traction and hype without giving too much away.
  • Top Coaches Social Media – Top Coaches have already proven that they understand how to create attraction around their posts. Utilize these accounts and see how you can improve your posts from their examples.
Ask some Questions

After you have read through and done some research on the new launch, now is the time to ask yourself some questions. Try to get into the mind of your client and address their concerns. Below are some Examples of questions to ask:

Beachbody Ask Questions

  • What workouts are included with the program?
  • How can this program address my pain points?
  • What does this program cost?
  • How can this program appeal to my aspirations?
  • What does this program make me feel?
  • Are there any additional things needed to complete the workout (Supplements, equipment)
  • What is the Length of the program
  • How does the Nutrition plan look for the Program?

Monthly overview

Craft Posts

Now that you have identified key information and potential questions clients may pose, you can confidently curate posts to speak to different customers.

– One post could be about how 645 contains restorative mobility workouts that help me feel good about working out.
– Another post demonstrating the results one can achieve with a 13-week home based fitness program.
– A Third post focused on strength training and muscle growth from an NBA trainer.

The example posts talk to different people within your network and allow you to help people achieve their goals.

Sales Promotions

Marketing Plan for yearly Promos

Sales promotions are additional opportunities to leverage your customer base for additional business growth. Promotions also keep your content fresh and exciting for both you and your followers.

When Sharing information about sales, customers with money objections can now afford or see the value in the product. Customers can also see some of the same programs that others may have had success with already.

Create Different Beachbody BODGroups

Beachbody Program Launches

When a program launches usually it goes through two stages, a Coach Launch and a Customer Launch.

When the Coach launch is happening, create a BODGroup for those who want VIP early-access. Utilize that content for sharing bits and pieces with everyone not a part of the group and creating teaser content. Collect contact information for anyone interested during this phase.

When the Customer Launch happens, Create another BODGroup with everyone you collected contact information from in the first group. During this period, you can be more open and experienced with the program while sharing what your group went through during the first phase. You will already have some tips and tricks to start off on and be able to guide and motivate new customers through their first program!

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