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Ultimate Reset Day #21 – Hilery

Ultimate Reset Day #21 – It is the final day!! I’m so excited for the final weigh in and measurements tomorrow.


This morning I went with the fruit plate and yogurt once again using the same fruit combo as that is all I have left for groceries!!

For lunch I made the microgreen salad with an avocado. I was going to make the avocado soup but got lazy! It seems at this point I have completely let go of trying to follow the plan and am essentially just eating clean.

For dinner I made a stir fry with shredded potatoes, broccoli, and carrots and I threw in some baby bell peppers and a cup of black beans. I put in quite a few spices and the first bite packed a punch but it was delicious! However, I forgot to take a picture but it is in the video!

Closing Thoughts

The journey is over! Now it is time to collect my thoughts and reflect on these past three weeks.

Ultimate Reset Day #21 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #20 – Hilery

Ultimate Reset Day #20 An exciting day! Only one day left to go!!


I started this morning with a fruit bowl and yogurt again. It worked well yesterday so why mess with perfection?! The Forager yogurt is growing on me.

I made another Asian stir fry for lunch and used some of the leftover brown rice from last night to go with it.

Today was busy and felt like having Shakeology as a mid-afternoon snack. The Reset has made me more aware that I may have a Shakeology addiction! I rarely go more than a day without it.

Dinner was a stuffed sweet potato with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and chickpeas. I know this is way heartier than the suggested dinner because I added chickpeas and all the dinners this week are strictly vegetables. However, I just feel like I am happy with the weight loss and don’t want to lose more. Therefore, I’m still listening to my gut when it comes to my daily food choices.

Closing Thoughts

I can’t believe there is only one more day to go! When I started the Reset I felt like three weeks was a fairly big undertaking. I am a free spirit and don’t like too many set commitments! The time has just flown by though. I think I am lucky I already eat like this so I know that made things easier. In addition, I have a feeling the time goes by quick for everyone the way the system is set up in one week segments.

See you back here tomorrow for the final day!

Ultimate Reset Day #20 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #19 – Hilery

Ultimate Reset Day #19 is here! Wow, I can’t believe there are only two days left.


I started the day with the fruit plate but I added a vegan yogurt to it. This was the first time I had tried this brand and I have to admit that the texture threw me off at first! After that, I gave it a really good stir and it worked out just fine.

I was daydreaming of Shakeology after we went for a hike but we stopped at an Asian market and bought some jackfruit so I skipped the shake and enjoyed a fruit snack instead.

For lunch I stuck with the microgreen salad and threw in some of the leftover Asian stir fry veggies from last night. It was delicious.

Dinner was another veggie stir fry with a little pineapple and some brown rice. I’m definitely just winging it these days. Above all, I really wanted to try and stick to the plan since I am home but the dinners are so light this week and I am trying to regain some strength. I am just using the recipes that have worked well over the three week journey and sticking to them.


I haven’t really notice much of a change with the supplements this week. They have been really gentle overall so that is good! Just two more days to go and I will be back to my own clean eating routine!

Ultimate Reset Day #19 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #18 – Hilery


Ultimate reset Day #18 and I am finally growing weary of the Reset! I am finding the lack of variety challenging for me.


There are only so many fruit plates I can handle for breakfast. For Instance, I don’t know why they didn’t do overnight oats, chia puddings, and smoothie bowls as part of the breakfast recipes. In addition, they would all be Reset friendly, low-calorie, and provide a lot of variety for people to enjoy.

I threw my mango and pineapple in the blender this morning with some coconut water as I just wasn’t in the mood for fruit again.

After that, I got busy with errands and grabbed a food of convenience to hold me over until I got home for lunch. These are just dehydrated apples and strawberries totaling a whole 170 calories!

Once I got home I had a nice big salad for lunch with liquid aminos for dressing. I thought about having a shake around 4 but it seemed so close to dinner that I didn’t want to be too full. For dinner I had a roasted sweet potato and Roberto made a vegetable stir fry that was Reset friendly.

Closing Thoughts

All in all it was another easy day of eating. The reset meals have all been quick and easy to make. My number one issue at this point is just a little lack of variety and that the calories this week feel a little too light. If I was feeling 100% I may not feel that way. However,  I know when you are feeling weak then you need extra nourishment to help your body regain its strength. Since I can’t really tell what is going wrong right now, if I am just worn out from the travel or if there is some toxin I am struggling with – I am erring on the side of caution and eating slightly heavier than suggested.

No matter what you are doing, always listen to your intuition. It knows what is best!

Ultimate Reset Day #18 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #17 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #17 was a better day! I still didn’t feel quite like myself but it was a very long journey so I’m hopeful my body is just recovering.


I started the day off with the fruit plate and sliced up banana, orange, and mango with a little shredded coconut and cashews for some extra calories. These are not the low glycemic fruits they recommend but I am looking for a little quick energy this morning!

For lunch I went with the easy choice of Shakeology and blended it with a banana and a little frozen dragon fruit.

The dinner looked a little light to me so I went with a roasted sweet potato and steamed some broccoli and chickpeas.

I wasn’t very active today but I did have a few clients and worked online most of the day so it felt like the “right” amount of activity to let my body have some more recovery. However, I was renting another house in the Cape for awhile and my health improved greatly by being there. After that, I am wondering if there really is something toxic here that affects my health. I just don’t feel as good as I was and I definitely don’t think it is Reset related in any way.

Ultimate Reset Day #17 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #16 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #16 was definitely a recovery day for me! I actually had a pretty terrible day overall but I did stick to the Reset perfectly.

I trained my client at 4:30 and went right back to bed afterwards. Luckily I didn’t have anything else on my agenda for the day. Therefore, I ended up sleeping ALL day long. Every time I tried to stand up I would get dizzy and collapse to the floor. Similarly, I also had quite a few convulsions and tremors. I haven’t had any of these issues since December. Above all, I am hoping that I just taxed my body a little too much between the long days or driving and the lack of calories from missing some meals. My doctor also thinks this home could have some type of environmental toxin in it. For instance, I always seem to be healthier when I am not living here.


I stuck with the fruit plate for breakfast with dragon fruit, mango, and banana. Because I was feeling so weak and fatigued, I added some cashews to get more calories and healthy fats.

For lunch I had the same salad from last night with mixed greens, quinoa, sprouts, and the roasted root medley. I really enjoyed it and then went back to bed again.

Late afternoon I woke up and was thinking about how badly I didn’t want to do a live video tonight feeling this way. I contemplated just recording one and posting it up later but decided I would keep my commitment. Therefore, I got up to make a shake but started convulsing in the kitchen so Roberto made me sit down and he made it for me. After that, I figured I need all the nutrients and nourishment I can get so I really needed snack time today.

For dinner I did the roasted sweet potato and I made a stir fry of frozen veggies. All I had in the freezer was corn, green beans, and broccoli so that’s what I made! I added some aminos and squeezed a lime onto them when they were done cooking.

All in all it was a day full of sleep from beginning to end but I managed to nourish my body and take my supplements in between! Hopefully tomorrow I will be completely caught up on sleep and back on track, full of energy!

Ultimate Reset Day #16 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #15 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #15 – I am finally home! In Addition, I didn’t have my 4:30 client today so I hit the road at 3:45am to make it home by lunch time.


I brought some fruit for the car ride and ended up eating some grapes and watermelon with a little bit of coconut.

I was home by noon so I quickly made a Shakeology and had a little downtime before my 2:30pm client. It felt nice to make a shake in my own blender and know where everything is in the kitchen!

For dinner I used the quinoa and roasted root medley. After That, I put it on a bed of mixed greens with sliced up cherry tomatoes and some sprouts with aminos. It was delicious and totally hit the spot for a grounding meal to end the day with.

I had skipped a few of the detox supplements with all the travel so I actually did a full day of detox supplements. Above all, I and am planning on starting the Replenish tomorrow and go an extra day with it after the reset is officially over.

Ultimate reset Day #15 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #14 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #14 – Today was a big travel day from Savannah to Richmond Virginia! I started my day off with my 4:30am personal training client and then headed down to the car at 5:45am. After that, the car wouldn’t start!! It took us about an hour to get it up and running again and then I was off to Richmond. For my Breakfast fruit plate, I had an orange, an apple, a banana, and some grapes as road trip snacks.

I scheduled an appointment for the car in Richmond. It said I would get there at 1 so I made the appointment at 1:40 to give me time to drop Bodhi off at the hotel. However, by the time everything was all done it was 3:30 and I had skipped lunch once again. I headed to Whole Foods to try and grab a salad to-go but every single one had either meat or cheese in it so I had to wing it!

My Whole Foods finds are in the video. The soup was amazing but I do think it is local to the DC and Virginia area. It was another light day in the calorie department but hopefully once I get home tomorrow I can get back on track. These last two days on the reset have not been so great as the travel has gotten the best of me.

Ultimate Reset Day #14 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #13 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #13 is a travel day. Not a big one at all but I am spending the first half of the day in Hilton Head. After that, heading to Savannah. Leaving the full kitchen of the AirBnB to the tiny refrigerator in my hotel!


I started the day off with half a honeydew melon again and added some berries. Lunch was supposed to be Shakeology as usual! Unfortunately with all the rushing around to get packed up, my shake got left behind in the freezer. Lunch ended up being nothing at all.

I was in Savannah a couple weeks ago before the reset started and I grabbed dinner at this super healthy restaurant. Therefore, I decided to eat there tonight and make life easier. Above all, I really love Savannah and want to enjoy some time out and about before I head up to the chilly north. In addition, I hit another hiccup when I arrived to pick up my order, they informed me that they had run out of food! I found a vegan restaurant even closer to the hotel that offered delivery. I placed an order and went to my room to rest up.

It felt like a day full of hiccups which ended up leaving me with a fairly large calorie deficit. I estimate between the fruit and the salad I may have gotten 700 calories in so I really need to do better tomorrow!!

Ultimate Reset Day #13 Video

Ultimate Reset Day #12 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #12 – I don’t think I have ever documented a journey like this before. It is interesting to see how the time passes when you are keeping track of the days. Part of me feels like it has been forever and part of me feels like it has been no time at all!


I am purely doing these next few days based on the groceries. There are certain things that don’t travel well like avocados so those have been eaten! Then things like beets and sweet potatoes need to be roasted. Therefore, I am going to do that today and put everything in Tupperware for the road trip to begin tomorrow.

One thing I had was a honeydew melon. I decided I would cut it in half, fill it with berries and just dig in with a spoon. I am planning on repeating this tomorrow and then all the melon and berries will be gone. In addition, I added a little mint as it is starting to go bad too. However, I wanted to salvage the good leaves and it is a nice flavor combination with melon.

For lunch I went with a shake. It really just is my go-to lunch and it is an easy, almost effortless healthy habit that I like to have in my routine. I just added a frozen banana and coconut milk as usual!

For dinner I tried to assess what I could make based on groceries and the fact that I have a kitchen for one more day! I had a bunch of asparagus and a bit of broccoli left so I ended up steaming that. After that I added it to a 1/2 cup of quinoa and a quarter cup of the roaster root medley from week one. It was really yummy and I totally forgot to take a picture but you can see it in the video recap.

Ultimate Reset Day #12 Video