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Ultimate Reset Day 20 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #20


Ultimate Reset – Day #20 baby!!!! One more day to go before the 2020 version of our Ultimate Reset is complete and put to bed!

These last couple days have been exciting from new weight loss, to sleeping even better, to just general well being!

Yes I’m still over Salads and fruit and some of these meals but its weird because the last couple days I’ve enjoyed them a little more than the days preceding. Why? Well I think its because the finish line is big and bright ahead of me! 


Todays Meals were a lil mix of week 2 and 3…Yes I know technically your not supposed to pull from the past as its gets cleaner and cleaner every week but were traveling back to Disney day after tomorrow so I need to get my system a lil more adjusted to some things quickly as we’ll be eating very differently later this week!

Had Fruit and Shakeology for Breakfast,  Healthy Sushi for lunch with some tuna and shrimp in it… Dinner was my favorite in Miso Soup!  Again the sushi with seafood is a ease into regularity again excelerated due to traveling Thursday!

Last Day tomorrow!  

Ultimate Reset – Day #20 Video

Ultimate Reset Day 17 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #17


Ultimate Reset – Day #17 complete and a lil more anxious, and grumpy to get to the end!

I just cant tell you how tough these last few days are! You really learn a lot about yourself and how strong you can be when you have to get thru something tough to get a reward in the end!

I’ve always known I’ve had an addiction to food, I mean whether we admit it or not we all do. The thing I’ve been working on over the last decade is making that addiction a healthier version than before I found my health, fitness, and beachbody!


Todays meals consisted of Shakeology for Breakfast, Salad for Lunch, and we had more Miso Soup for dinner. Perfect on supplements, and now another day put to bed…..

Speaking of Bed……..zzzzzzzz

Ultimate Reset – Day #17 Video

Ultimate Reset Day 16 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #16


Ultimate Reset – Day #16 – I SOOOOO want to be done! Yes you read that right. I want to be done! 

No I don’t hate the reset….Quite the contrary I actually love the reset and look forward to this 21 days of goodness yearly. I actually just want to be done to get back to normal eating and normal scheduling for what I am used to. Its very common with the reset to get back to your routine! 

And no my routine after the 21 days won’t include the sugar of the holidays and the unhealthy habits and binging which also comes along with November and December eating. 😉

In essence Day 16 was very tough. I’m getting sick of Salads which always happens to be so its why I eluded yesterday that juicing comes in very handy for this big guy! 

Yep I’m sure Day 17 will be just as tough! These are the few days of the reset that most need to toughen up for…The dog days of the Ultimate Reset!


Ultimate Reset – Day #16 Video

Ultimate Reset Day 15 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #15


Ultimate Reset – Day #15. Theres something very cool about saying your in the last week of the Ultimate Reset! The home stretch! At the same time its pretty intimidating because for the final 7 days we are now totally Vegan! Thats tough….Very tough!

We also introduced this week a new supplement called Revitalize which introduces healthy flora back into your system and digestive track. No more Detox which helped last week really push out the garbage from the digestive track…

But also planning to ramp up the juicing this week too to help fill the void and hunger pangs that a bigger guy like me has. Dana my wife doesn’t have the cravings for more calories I have so she’s more or less ok with the menu for this week…This Juice helps me fill that gap….

Plus I just love juicing and the flavor of them!!!

Ultimate Reset – Day #15 Video

Ultimate Reset Day 12 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #12


Ultimate Reset – Day #12 was a Much more controlled day today and dead on with our scheduled meals, Reset supplementation, and even exercise was on point today.  


Meals today included fresh fruit left over from last nights Super Bowl gathering for breakfast, and a micro greens salad for lunch, and my favorite Miso Soup for dinner. Snack wise I snuck in my shakeology for that today. 

Shakeology has been one thing I haven’t been willing to let go of for the reset. I just hate the way I feel without it…Suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and living with a J-Pouch I need the regularity and digestive enzymes present in that daily shake to not only help me with my unique digestion but also give me a lot of vitamins and nutrients I lack daily with no colon for absorption.

Tomorrow brings us a step closer to the end of week 2 and closer to the final 7 days!! Can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Ultimate Reset – Day #12 Video