4 thoughts on “Dashboard

    1. AdminFitUnion

      Hi Heather,

      Thank you for pointing this out to us! I have seen a similar thing 1x before. Until we can figure it out for sure we will just disable HTML in the Bio & description fields.

      I hope this helps fix your display issue & THX again for the heads up!

  1. AdminFitUnion

    Hi & THX for filling out a Bio description. Yes we have that field as a long text field. However, when we initially posted it on the 3 column Profile page it looked strange because the Bio was so long and the column is so narrow! For now we have not found a great place to put a long Bio. We will keep looking for some real estate to place it and PLEASE let us know if you see a good spot. for now stick with the "About – Shows up in Member Directory" as s short Bio and we hope to find a perm place for the big field soon!

    As always thank you for your help and feedback!

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