Downloading Workouts Using the App

If you have purchased Beachbody On Demand, and need to get workouts in when you’re out of town or in a remote setting, try downloading workouts on the app!! It is available for Apple and Android products! The images and video below are shots using the Apple software, so if you are using an Android the images may or may not be identical.

Downloading the App

For Apple or IOS app:

For Google Play Store app:

With the app you are able to download workouts of your choice so you can train when offline. Heres how to download workouts!

Video Method

The video below gives you a walk through on how to start downloading workouts using the app. In addition, there are also instructions located under the video incase you were unable to follow along.

Step-By-Step Method

After downloading the app you will need to sign in:

Sign in to start downloading workouts

After that, this image will display the new features added to the app. For the sake of this tutorial go ahead and just tap the X button in the top left, and continue to the next step:

Close to continue

From the Home Page, Select Programs at the bottom to view all the available workout programs.

Next, Select your Program then Click on the Workouts Tab.

Note: We have chose Let’s get up! for this example.

From there, Scroll down and find the workout(s) you would like. Click the down arrow in a square to Begin the download.

Note: We choose feel good workout for our example.

There will be a popup for the Definition (Standard or High) you would like to download. Select your preference, we chose Standard to save space for more workouts.

Once Downloaded The Icon next to the workout changes to a Checked Phone icon to let you know it’s successfully on your device.

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