Fit Club

Fit Club is all about having a place where individuals or groups can connect with other fitness-minded individuals in a relaxed and fun environment. The goal is to create a place for where everyone, from Mr. Couch Potato to Mr. Olympia, can come and share their strengths while working on their weaknesses. In addition, Fit Clubs are a great way to help people in their local community achieve fitness goals.

According to Jama Journal:

Since 1980, life expectancy in the US has increasingly fallen behind that of peer countries, culminating in an unprecedented decline in longevity since 2014.1 Life expectancy at birth in the US in 1980 was 73.6 years, in 2014 was 78.9 years, and in 2018 was 78.7 years.

With the health of Americans declining, we want to turn that trend around. Come out to one of our clubs to see what they are all about:

FitUnion – Erie. – Located in Erie PA, Established October 2021.

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