Health Steps

These are the Health Steps for a new client. They are listed in the MENU bar above. In addition, we put them together to make it easy for a new client to navigate the site and their health journey. Feel free to use as much or as little of the steps as you need.

Above all, PLEASE leave comments on your experience on each page as we are constantly are looking to improve the accuracy and user experience.

Help Choosing Type(s) of Workouts

Searching a big site for the right training can be exhausting. We are here to assist you on what program to choose that best fits your lifestyle. In addition allows you to maintain that lifestyle with the convenience of one of the programs we offer.

  1. Help Choosing Type(s) of Workouts

  2. Before and After Pictures

    We can not over stress the importance of taking pictures as early and as often as possible!!! Here are 2 truths that we know to be TRUE: Everyone is uncomfortable displaying their biggest before pictures in a skimpy outfit like a swim suit.  AND…. Everyone who gets results is ALWAYS searching to find and post before pictures.

  3. Before and After Pictures

  4. Taking Measurements

    Measurements are SUPER important to do as soon as possible! There are times where you will lose 2-3 lbs in the first few days of a new routine. Especially with 3-Day Refresh, the jumpstart to any Total Solution Pack! Many of the best fitness coaches always recommend starting every new fitness program with the 3-Day Refresh/Kickstart option.

  5. Taking Measurements

  6. Prep

    Preparation covers everything that you should so prior to starting your chosen workout routine. It includes tips ranging from the week before to the hours before your workouts.

  7. Prep

  8. Equipment

    Most of the programs require little amounts of equipment. Some you may even be able to use household objects for. However, there’s always the risk of breaking a household object so we advise getting the recommended equipment. This post covers Some things you are going to need such as, Chin-Up Bar, Resistance Bands and Mats

  9. Equipment

  10. Nutrition

    Every program when chosen usually has some sort of nutrition program or guideline. Beachbody offers 3 Nutrition solutions, all of which can help you achieve your goals

  11. Nutrition
  12. If you Need additional Information about tracking Nutrition, Head over to:

    Downloading Workouts Using the App

    If you have purchased Beachbody On Demand, and need to get workouts in when you’re out of town or in a remote setting, try downloading the app!! It is available for Apple and Android products. Workouts can even be stored on your device and viewed when away from Service areas!

  13. Download your Workouts Using the APP

  14. Your Quadrant Goals

    In life we set mental goals but most of them are not measurable nor obtainable without a time frame. They are too vague, or not specific enough. I found it easier to obtain my goals when I list them, and set micro (mini)  goals that lead to my overall goals. WRITE THEM DOWN!!!

  15. Your Quadrant Goals
If you Want additional Information about setting and staying on track with Goals, Head over to:

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