Welcome to the MyFitnessPal guide to adding foods, here on FitUnion!
There are Two Methods that we utilize to add and track food.

  • Website Using Computer – This Method Gives more details at a glance,
  • App on Mobile Device – This Method allows easy addition of foods through the day

Website Using Computer

First, click below and follow along.

TBB Coach Office Overview Video
Click above to head directly to the MyFitnessPal Website

Next, in the Top Right corner you will See the image below.

Click Sign Up and Answer the few, short questions to create your account.

When you have successfully logged in, Click FOOD in the Navigation bar, pictured below.

From there you should see all the meal periods for today, We will be adding an entry for Breakfast in this tutorial. Click on Add Food under Breakfast to Continue.

When the Add food page has loaded, Enter in the Food you have or plan to eat. (We Choose Oatmeal for this example) and Click Search

There should be a list of Matching foods, like the graphic below.

Click on the one that best matches what you ate. Typically theres multiple results for each food, depending on brand and other user’s entries.

When you click on an item from the menu, It will populate the box on the right of the graphic below.

From there you can change the servings, serving size and add to any meal.

Click Add Food To Diary to proceed.

You should now be back at the Food Diary page. Form here you can continue to add entries and accurately track your Nutrients.

App on Mobile Device

Download The Application on your Device to Follow Along:

Android –

Apple –

The Following Tutorial was completed on Android, if you are using an Apple device, the steps may be slightly different.

When you first open the App, Click SIGN UP or LOG IN to continue.

Upon successfully Logging in, You will be taken to the home page below.

Click on Diary (circled in red) To Continue

Next, choose the meal you wish to enter and Click ADD FOOD

Note: We will be adding A Breakfast food in this tutorial.

After you Click Add Food, You will be taken to a search box. From here there are multiple ways to add foods.

  • Search using the Search Bar
  • Use the recent history to re-add common foods
  • Scan the Barcode for automatic searching.

For this tutorial, we are going to Scan and add. Click the Barcode Icon to continue.

The App may ask for Camera permissions, Just Accept to continue.

For scanning foods, just line the barcode up within the scanner.
It automatically captures and moves on. In the event the barcode isn’t scanning, you can enter it manually at the bottom.

After scanning, the App will move on to the Macronutrient page for confirmation.

Click on The Blue Text Across from either Servings or Serving Size

A popup will appear and you can adjust the number of servings, and the serving size.

Click the Check Mark in the Top Right corner to Confirm and add to diary.

The App confirms your item was successfully added.

Continue adding all foods throughout the day on your Mobile Device.

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