MyX Fitness bikes vs Peloton


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MyX Fitness Bikes I vs II

There are a Few Key differences between the Version I model and the Version II.

First, A brand new sensor to provide cadence, speed and distance metrics has been included. The sensor is 10% more accurate than standard magnetic resistance-based sensors.

Second, The 21.5″ touchscreen has been updated. The Screen now has 20-watt speakers for an immersive music experience and improved processing power. Above all, it has a sleeker design that’s now 30% slimmer than the old model!

Third, The MyX II has added a Sony 8-megapixel camera to the screen. Therefore, its easier to connect on interactive group fitness classes. In addition, it can be used for personalized training.

Fourth, With the new MyX II, Everyone who owns an Apple Watch can connect and use it as their heart rate monitor. MyX II still comes with a heart rate monitor. However, the convenience of being able to sync data from the watch is a nice bonus feature.

Our Recommendation is to go with the MyX II over the original MyX I. With the addition of an 8MP camera, it provides more options and ways to utilize the bike and prevent it from sitting in your corner. Above all, With a thinner and better sounding display you can really get into the rhythm of the music and get the best workout possible.

MyX Fitness Bikes vs Peloton

When considering which bike to Purchase we found a few Key Differences that Set the bikes apart.


On the Peloton bike, you are required to have snap in cycling shoes to use and ride the bike. In other words, they are another required purchase for individuals new to cycling. The MyX bike on the other hand has toe cages that fit just about any athletic shoe and on the reverse side are speed clips if you already own cycling shoes. Round 1- MyX Fitness Bikes


The Flywheel on MyX bikes are heavier than the ones found on Peloton. Having a heavier flywheel takes more force when initially starting a workout. However, the weight keeps the Flywheel circulating easier after its in motion. Heavier flywheels are utilized to mimic the road conditions of actual bikes and aims to keep it similar. Round 2 – Users Choice

Subscription Cost

The current prices are: Peloton – $39.99/mo and MyX Fitness – $29.99/mo. Both Fitness Bikes have live workouts and classes to attend both on and off the bike. Unless you really prefer a specific trainer or class, Round 3 – MyX Fitness Bikes

Overall, MyX Fitness provides more value to the consumer with its lower priced subscriptions while also providing a good entry point for newer people in the cycling world with its reversible pedals that can grow as experience and equipment do!

MyX Fitness Bike II and II Plus Options

Now that we have declared a winner between MyX Fitness bikes and Peloton, we have two different packages for the MyX II Fitness bike. They have a Base and a Plus option. Looking at the chart below you can determine what accessories you may want/need to get in the best shape of your life!

MyX fitness bikes

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