New Advertisement for New Leads

Beachbody had some new advertising going out and leads have been coming in from free customers. A whopping 94,000+ new people have joined in a week. In order to get leads you will now need to:

  1. Hit Success Club
  2. Get to the Emerald rank
  3. Have 90 PV of HD in your order account

For Shakeology Leads – make sure you are Emerald Status and hitting Success Club at least 10x

1.) Having questions on how to reach the Success Club :

2.) To reach the Emerald rank:

3.) To have 90 PV in HD orders there can be a variety of things you can stack together to accumulate 90 PV. Go to the shop to see what products you can stack to reach 90 PV. You could also guarantee the 90 PV if you just HD order the Shakeology!!