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Here at Fitunion we have created some guides on topics that we get asked about, or just things that are helpful to share with everyone. Let us know down below if theres a topic you think should be included with our guides!

    Ultimate Reset Nutrition Program

    Ultimate reset is a 21-day Intro into a Vegan Detox. Follow along with one of our Contributor’s Guides below.

  1. Ultimate Reset

  2. Cardio Bike @ Home

    Guide to how you can Cardio Bike at Home with TBB. In addition, there is a BODGroup to join for some Biking Buddies!

  3. Cardio Bike @ Home

  4. MyX Fitness bikes vs Peloton

    If you are looking to compare different exercise bikes, our guide will detail the differences between the MyX Fitness and Peloton options.

  5. MyX Fitness bikes vs Peloton

  6. Ordering MyX Fitness Bike V2

    Guide to assist by walking you through the ordering of your own MyX Fitness bike.

  7. Ordering MyX Fitness Bike V2

  8. MyX Fitness Bike Assembly

    Whether for maintenance, moving to a new location or just additional information. Here is our guide to assist Assembling/Disassembling your own MyX Fitness bike

  9. MyX Fitness Bike Assembly

  10. Supplements

    Click on through for additional information about all of Beachbody’s supplements.

  11. Supplements

  12. Meals and Snack Replacements

    Get information about keeping full through the toughest parts of your day.

  13. Meals and Snack Replacements

  14. Total Solution Approach

    Learn about How you as a Coach can offer a Total solution for your Clients/Coaches

  15. Total Solution Approach

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