Providing Value to your Team Beachbody Customers

Part of being a Beachbody coach is helping connect customers to the best Beachbody nutrition and fitness solutions to reach their goals, and provide ongoing support, motivation and encouragement that will help keep them accountable. In addition, Providing value to your customers can strengthen your team and open more opportunities.

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

There are multiple ways to provide value to your community by providing Insight or solutions for others.

We will go over a few different methods: Facebook, Reddit, BODGroups.

Providing Value to Customers Through Facebook

Finding a Group

After you Log Into Facebook, Look to the top left of the page and click on Groups.

Where to Find Facebook's Groups Button
Where to Find Facebook’s Groups Button

Facebook will Provide you with some suggested Groups, some friends groups and some suggested posts from Public Groups. After that, If one of them resonates with you go ahead and join it.

We will now Search for a group that we can provide information and insight to the Community. For instance, I will search Weight Gain

Searching Facebook Groups
Searching Facebook Groups

Facebook Suggests Topics as you type, Select a topic you are Happy With.

Click Join to get started
Both Public and Private Groups Show up in Search

For Instance, I Clicked Join on all of the groups. the Public ones let you in right away. Private ones, you have to wait for approval.

Finding Posts

First Step is getting into a group. After that, once you are in the group go through the Feed and Find a Post that you can add Value too. For Instance, I typically look for ones that are seeking information and none of the comments have been helpful so far.

Providing Value to Customers through  Quality posts
Facebook Post I can add value too

After that, just Comment, Reply and engage with your knowledge or Clarification.

Reply that Provides value to customers
Reply to post on Facebook

As you Continue to provide information, there will come a point where someone either questions your knowledge or asks for additional information about a specific product.

Those are leads coming in after you put the work in!

After that, Connect them with a product that solves their needs to make a sale.

Providing Value to Customers Through Reddit

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social network where registered members can vote and discuss content. It is made up of millions of collective niche forums or groups called Subreddits. In other words, Reddit is a social platform comprised of subreddits.

First Log into Reddit, There is a Large Search bar at the top.

Reddit Search bar
Reddit Search bar

As you type, Reddit will begin finding you Subreddits to View. For Instance, we Typed Weight Gain. After that, Click on r/Weightgain to proceed.

Searching Reddit for Weight Gain
Searching Reddit for Weight Gain

One inside the Subreddit, you will see “Cards”. Similar to a Facebook Feed. After that, Use your knowledge to Comment, Reply and engage with Others.

Reddit Example of Card that can Provide value to customer
Reddit Example of Card

*Note: You DO NOT HAVE to Join or follow any Subreddits to Post or Comment on Reddit. However, you Should Join and follow Subreddits so your main page is populated with topics you are knowledgeable about.


On Reddit, you accumulate Karma. Which is essentially a score to how many people find your content helpful. Below I have Highlighted the Karma that EACH Post has.

Providing value to customers can effect your karma.
Reddit’s Karma System

Helping people will allow your Karma, and reputation, to grow. In Addition, Your Karma can go down, and even into Negative! Be cautious about giving bad advice or broken links.

Providing Value to Customers Through BODGroups

If you Need a refresher on What BODGroups are, Visit our Post Here on FitUnion.

BODGroups are a little more Difficult to find, they are limited-time private groups ran by coaches to run challenges. One of the more recent changes, Beachbody Corporate started Creating BODGroups for their BODI Blocks! Below is the One From Tour De pants:

BODi Block for Tour De pants - September 2022
BODi Block for Tour De pants – September 2022

Inside the group, there will be posts “FaceBook-Style”.

Look Through the Selfies and Logs Supplements and Workouts where you will find some posts that you can engage with and build rapport.

BODGroup Providing value to customers post
BODGroup Post Example

As you Engage with the group, look for people who you are unfamiliar with and try to meet everyone! There will be a time when someone asks a question that requires a solution outside of the BODGroup, thats the point where they become a lead. If you can match their need with a product, you can get the sale!

*Note: Be cautious about self-promoting too much on the BODGroups, most of the people there are already Coaches, Preferred Customers or Customers. Meaning that you may not make commission on your sales unless they are in your Downline.


By Providing Value to your Team Beachbody Customers, they can see the value in Beachbody. As the value of Beachbody Increases, Customers are more likely to Purchase Upgrade and continue utilizing their favorite products.

As a Coach you should try to live your best life and help the people around you. In this Digital Post-COVID age, In-person gatherings are few and far in between. Utilizing Digital tools you can Grow your business whenever form wherever!

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