Your TBB Website and how to Sell from it

TBB Coach Website

To Find Your TBB Website: After logging into your coach office, select Tools & Resources. Then under the Business Resources category Click My Websites/Profile. In addition, you may also click the picture below to take you to your coach office:

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My Dashboard Monitor My Business My Website:Profiles

Choose what language the site is going to be displayed as, then hit the copy link button and send it to your customer(s). After that, you can click on the picture below to take you to this page:

Choose language for My Websites setup

– Give them a brief explanation of the action buttons that are at the bottom of your page:
Shop: Customer can roam your TBB website and shop.
Become A Coach: Customer is familiar with TBB and wants the benefits of being a coach.
Beachbody On Demand: Customer wants to get workouts digitally, and nutrition plans. Also offers free trial!
Team Beachbody Coach Website Shop

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