Using Share-a-Cart to Sell Products

Before we can begin Using Share-a-cart we have to navigate there. There are TWO ways of getting to the Share-a-Cart function:1.) From your Team Beachbody Login 2.) From your Coach Office. Please make sure you are signed in to your TBB account and Coach Office, these links will not work unless signed in.

– 1.) If you are logged into your Team Beachbody account click on the picture below. Similarly,  if you’re on the homepage there are action buttons at the top of the screen. Tools & Resources being one of them. Hover the mouse over Tools & Resources and you will see a few options reveal, under marketing tools click Share-a-Cart:

using share-a-cart from homepage

  • You must have permission to fill out the required fields with the customers or new coaches info before entering. In addition,  you may click on the picture below that will lead to the Enrollment/Order form:

Share-a-cart customer info

  • Proceed to select the desired product(s) the customer needs:

Beach Bar PV Example

  • After selecting the product(s) go to cart where you will see the product(s) and the Digital Business Starter Kit ONLY if you are signing up a new coach. Otherwise just the product(s) will show in the cart.

Shopping cart for new coach when using shareacart

Shopping cart for new coach when using shareacart

  • We recommend that you customize the email by clicking on Customize Email. Above all show appreciation and excitement of their steps to progression. Similarly, to give the customer a better experience and not just a marketing aspect. After customizing hit send!
    Beach Bar PV Example

Now that you can Create and Send Share-A-Carts to Customers and Coaches, The next step is viewing the Tracking page.

Learn the steps for viewing already sent Carts at Status of Share-A-Cart

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