Coach Product Links and using them to Sell

Again, make sure you are logged in to your TBB and Coach Office before Continuing to Coach Product Links

2.) Product Links
– Coaches are able to send specific links to a certain product with the Coach Link Generator.
After logging into your coach office, select Tools & Resources then under marketing tools category click Coach Link Generator, click on the picture below to go to your coach office:

Send Links to Customers TBB Coach Link Generator

  • You will need to enter your Coach ID, hit submit. Then select the category of the product(s) your customer wishes to purchase, you may click on the picture below to go to the coach link generator:
    TBB Coach Link Generator For Coach to Customers

For Example: if the customer wants Chocolate Shakeology, I would click the category Shakeology as shown in the picture above. Scroll down to Shakeology Chocolate copy the link, and send it: and here is the link > No data found!

Note as a coach you can always copy these links and send to a customer!!  The link shows the URL to send to your customer while the link has no coach number associated with it so that you can copy the link to send to your customers.  The link when clicked however has no coach number associated with is so that your coaches will never be misdirected to another coach when using our links.

Example of Shakeology Coach Link Generator

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