Sign Up Coaches With Share-a-Cart

1.) Share-a-Cart

Before you can begin to Sign up coaches with share-a-cart, Please make sure you are signed in to your Beachbody account and Coach office. The links will not work unless done so.

  • If you have a customer who wants product(s) and wants to be a discounted member/Coach then you can use Share-a-Cart. Sign into your coach office and select Tools & Resources. After that, click on Share-a-Cart. Not only will this give them the convenience of clicking on your email link that has their cart all set-up and ready to purchase. In addition, you also have already entered their information into the required fields for signing up to be a new coach. However, ensure you have their permission. You did over half the work for them already!


  • Select Coach after filling in the required fields:
    Coaches share-a-cart

  • Proceed to select the desired product(s) the new coach wants:

    Beach Bar PV Example

  • After selecting the product(s) go to cart where you will see the product(s) and the Digital Business Starter Kit ONLY if you are signing up a new coach.

    sign up coaches using share-a-cart

  • It will send them an email with their cart link that you have prepared for them including the business starter kit. We recommend that you customize the email welcoming them to the TBB team and give them assurance that this is a step towards progressing in their lives!

    Beach Bar PV Example

Now that you can Create and Send Share-A-Carts to Customers and Coaches, The next step is viewing the Tracking page.

Learn the steps for viewing already sent Carts at Status of Share-A-Cart

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