The Ultimate Reset with Jeff Armbruster

Join us through the Ultimate Reset with Jeff. Here I will journal through my 21 Day journey on the Ultimate Reset!

What is the Ultimate Reset you may be asking? Well it is a 21 day – 3 week introduction to vegan eating that will cleanse and detox your body. I choose to do it at least once a year. This video can explain it even better than I can!

You can follow along or float back a few days from my start date so that you know what is coming ahead of you.

Either way let’s do this together so it can be easier for the both of us with motivation and Support!!

Here is a support group on Facebook for the Ultimate Reset Preparation. It should have many other people that are going through the same phase as you are. It is a good resource if you are struggling and need some quick support. Also a nice place to go should you feel strong and want to go back and help others.

Week #0 – PRE-RESET FaceBook Group

Prep Time – 2 weeks out

First thing first – You will need to plan your Start Date and accumulate your Program Materials.

Start of Week #1

I want to remind you about the Ultimate Reset Participant Portal. It is an online support tool for those who have purchased Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It has exclusive content including easy-to-follow daily schedules, cooking videos, shopping lists, fitness and wellness tips as well as science and nutrition information! The Participant Portal can be accessed from your desktop or laptop, your tablets, and your mobile smart phones.

Ultimate Reset Participant Portal No data found!

My favorite thing about the Participant Portal is the videos that they have on there! You can see many meals prepared on video and just daily video tips for how you may be feeling:

Ultimate Reset Participant Portal

  • Day #0 – Getting ready – Some reading, Shopping & Prep Done!

Before each Week of Posts we will include the Shopping Lists for that week and the FB support group for that Phase. This being the first week we are also giving you the ingredient list. Consider this a check off/shopping list for all the sauces and spices you will need for the entire 21 days.

Ultimate Reset Ingredients List: No data found!

Week #1 – Shopping List: No data found!

Week #1 – RECLAIM FaceBook Group

Week #1 – RECLAIM

  1. Day #1 – And were off and Running!
  2. Day #2 – Now we wait for the addiction headache….
  3. Day #3 – And there it is…the Mild headache arrives
  4. Day #4 – Thats all you got? That headache wasn’t so bad!
  5. Day #5 – need text
  6. Day #6 – need text
  7. Day #7 – need text

Week #2 – Shopping List: No data found!

Week #2 – RELEASE FaceBook Group

Week #2 – RELEASE

  1. Day #8 – need text
  2. Day #9 – need text
  3. Day #10 – need text
  4. Day #11 – need text
  5. Day #12 – need text
  6. Day #13 – need text
  7. Day #14 – need text

Week #3 – Shopping List: No data found!

Week #3 – RESTORE FaceBook Group

Week #3 – RESTORE

  1. Day #15 – need text
  2. Day #16 – need text
  3. Day #17 – need text
  4. Day #18 – need text
  5. Day #19 – need text
  6. Day #20 – need text
  7. Day #21 – need text

Post Reset – TRANSITION FaceBook Group

Just Because the Ultimate Reset is over doesn’t mean that your health has to stop.

First we need to take your After Pics & Stats so that you can show the progress that you made on the Reset

To keep your system healthy, consider using the Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit that consists of Power Greens & Optimize. I usually order these a week before my end date so that I can just keep on them.

Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit No data found!

It may be a good time to remind you about becoming a discount member/coach again. You have gotten some great results to share now and if your planning on getting the Maintenance Kit or another TBB program you will benefit by saving 25% off.

Become a coach to save 25% – No data found!

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