Total Solution Approach

Here at Fit Union we have created a fitness service that we like to call the Total Solution Approach. It a holistic approach to fitness for busy professionals or individuals that want a personally-tailored fitness solution for the user. In other words, it eliminates the research behind exercise programs, nutrition, supplements and provides easy-to-understand training that allows users to focus on getting their fitness goals met.
The Total Solution Approach contains multiple aspects:

Online Video Library

The Online video library contains both Live and recorded workouts. These workouts, completed at home, with minimal space and equipment. As long as the user has a device connected to the internet that can stream videos and enough space for a few simple exercises (e.g. Sit-ups, Jumping jacks) we provide everything else.
Utilizing the video library at home means that users do not have to commute to the gym or workout and share equipment with other people. Saving time and in some cases embarrassment while working towards achieving personalized fitness goals.
Connecting mobile devices can allow the user to workout wherever they wish. Additionally, some of the ways users have already used our programs include: Yoga in the park, strength training in a hotel gym or cardio dance conditioning on your lunch break.

Simplified Workout Equipment

The video library has minimal accessories or workout equipment. In addition, Many of them require no equipment at all! When a Fitness Solution requires the use of an accessory, it will in the package. For instance, when users want some strength training we will include properly weighted resistance bands for the users current fitness. Similarly, included with some cardio plans would be a jump rope. Stretching programs might contain a mat and depending on the users experience, a Yoga block as well.
We want to take the guess work out of researching, selecting and separately purchasing equipment so that everything arrives at one time and the user is ready to jump into their fitness.

Nutritional Plan

Fitness is more than just exercising. Therefore, we have included a Nutritional Aspect with our Total Solution Approach. For Nutrition, we want users to develop better eating habits not just tell them specifically what to eat forever. There are two main nutritional plans.
The first is for users who enjoy a bit more structure. For instance, it utilizes colored containers and has the user calculate caloric goals. This plan for users seeking to have control over food instead of food controlling them. In addition, it teaches how to create satisfying meals, swap out processed foods for wholesome ingredients, and break your sugar addiction. There is no starvation or cutting out food groups!
The Second is for users who enjoy a bit more freedom. For Instance, the plan doesn’t “tell” you what you should eat. Instead, it helps you learn what you should eat and why. The plan utilizes comparisons. For instance, a tablespoon a bottle cap or a golf ball. In addition, Nothing to weigh or measure, just simple ratios as a guide to what your plate should look like. This plan includes tips for what to stock in your fridge and pantry to make decisions easy.
With either nutritional plan, there are variations and adaptations for every dietary need. Both plans include Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free tips and substitutions. In Conclusion, the ultimate Nutritional goal is for users to adapt a different mindset and create a healthy relationship with food for a lifetime!

Customized Supplements

It is nearly impossible to get all the nutrition that you need for recovery and health from eating alone. Our Total Solution Approach includes supplements or meal replacements that the user would need to reach their fitness and nutrition goals.
Addressing the individual user, supplements can ensure the journey along fitness continues. Getting the energy to suddenly workout from being on the couch everyday can be a difficult transition. Therefore, including a pre-workout or energy supplement can assist some users with ingraining the habit into their life. Other users have not worked out or used specific muscle groups in what can feel like ages. Similarly a recovery, recharge or hydrate supplement can help relieve soreness and keep users working out to their fullest day-after-day.
Not only to include supplements, we also offer meal and snack replacements. Some users may not have time to cook a healthy breakfast. Therefore, having a meal replacement shake keeps the body full and energized during that period. Sometimes life’s unplanned events can interrupt even the best laid out meal plan. Having a healthy bar or snack alternative to junk food can keep users on track during hectic days.

Online Tools and Training

Within the Total Solution Approach we have included our platform, Fit Union. Fit Union was designed to be a hub for social interaction, step by step guides and training. Upon registration, users have access to all of our easy to follow guides that break down the confusing aspects of getting tarted and tracking progress.
Our in-house programmers can customize or create content to meet the individual needs of your specific organization.
In Conclusion, The Total Solution Approach is to present a personally tailored fitness solution for each of its users with minimal research and decision making, allowing users to focus on fitness and nutrition.

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