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Ultimate Reset – Day #0 – Jeff

Ultimate Reset – Day #0. Well Here we ago again! Its that time for the Ultimate Reset! Yes another Year has gone by and its that time of year to detox and clean up the insides!

I am a 10+ year Team Beachbody Coach and I choose each year to do the Ultimate Reset each Year with my wife! Why? Well I deserve it..we all do! I encourage you all to consider it as well!

I was in the initial test group for this so its kind of cool to be a trendsetter in this programs regard.

Its really different than it was back in 2012 when I did my first reset….At age 45 I have different wants and expectations about how I need my body to be. Its all about functionality now so the reset is even more important to me from that aspect!

I went grocery shopping today as you can see below and its a always a wake up call to do this so soon after the holidays. Sure its a good time but was this exactly the foods I “wanted” to buy? No it wasn’t but never the less it was foods I needed to buy!

Phase 1 Shopping List:

https://d2rxohj08n82d5.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ShoppingList_Phase1.pdf?referringRepID=Sorry. No data found!

Thursday starts Day 1….And heres to another 21 days of learning, cleansing, and a wonderful journey my body deserves!

Keep watching all!

p.s…. The video below are from my first rest back in 2012..It’ll be a great contrast to watch them and compare to todays blog posts…..

Through my posts and videos you will see that:
1) I am a real guy
2) It’s not all roses!

Hope you follow and enjoy the journey with me!


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