Ultimate Reset Day 10 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #10


Ultimate Reset – Day #10. Well the dreaded weekend is in full effect…..Why do I say dreaded? Well weekends are hard on the reset…Your not as scheduled work wise, you have more family events like sports and tournaments in my case…So its easy to get off track and eat conveniently when your not supposed to!!


Case in point…All day Bowling tournament today! So whats a guy to do? Plan ahead! we had our healthy breakfast before we left and took our Reset supplement Bag and our lunch and mid afternoon snack! Yep we sat in the corner of a bowling alley eating micro green salads and fruit while everyone else had burgers, fries, and pizza! like I said in the start…I got goals!

now with that being said..Tomorrow will be tougher…Why? Its the SuperBowl! Yeah I’ve already decided I may have to have a slice or wing! Grrrrr tis gonna be tough!

Heres the bag that keeps us on track! Especially when traveling! Houses all our supplements and goodies!

Ultimate Reset – Day #10 Video

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