Ultimate Reset Day 11 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #11


Ultimate Reset – Day #11. Today is the SuperBowl!! Let me repeat that..Today is the SuperBowl!

Did I survive, the Pizza, wings, snacks, chips, desserts, and adult beverages? Kind of but not exactly! I’ll admit I had a slice, and a beer tonight…but the rest was fruit and veggies! 


Not gonna beat myself up over it though……Woke up this morning and while I was a little sick from that little amount with the grease and all, I actually lost another lb…The body is a funny thing..I had kind of plateaued a lil but just giving my body a few more calories today it actually kickstarted the body to let free some more of that stored sugar and fat and burn it again..hence I lost a lb eating something I should not have…..

Back on track Monday though! Were i the home stretch now!! 

Ultimate Reset – Day #11 Video

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