Ultimate Reset Day 12 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #12


Ultimate Reset – Day #12 was a Much more controlled day today and dead on with our scheduled meals, Reset supplementation, and even exercise was on point today.  


Meals today included fresh fruit left over from last nights Super Bowl gathering for breakfast, and a micro greens salad for lunch, and my favorite Miso Soup for dinner. Snack wise I snuck in my shakeology for that today. 

Shakeology has been one thing I haven’t been willing to let go of for the reset. I just hate the way I feel without it…Suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and living with a J-Pouch I need the regularity and digestive enzymes present in that daily shake to not only help me with my unique digestion but also give me a lot of vitamins and nutrients I lack daily with no colon for absorption.

Tomorrow brings us a step closer to the end of week 2 and closer to the final 7 days!! Can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Ultimate Reset – Day #12 Video

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