Ultimate Reset Day 15 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #15


Ultimate Reset – Day #15. Theres something very cool about saying your in the last week of the Ultimate Reset! The home stretch! At the same time its pretty intimidating because for the final 7 days we are now totally Vegan! Thats tough….Very tough!

We also introduced this week a new supplement called Revitalize which introduces healthy flora back into your system and digestive track. No more Detox which helped last week really push out the garbage from the digestive track…

But also planning to ramp up the juicing this week too to help fill the void and hunger pangs that a bigger guy like me has. Dana my wife doesn’t have the cravings for more calories I have so she’s more or less ok with the menu for this week…This Juice helps me fill that gap….

Plus I just love juicing and the flavor of them!!!

Ultimate Reset – Day #15 Video

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