Ultimate Reset Day 16 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #16


Ultimate Reset – Day #16 – I SOOOOO want to be done! Yes you read that right. I want to be done! 

No I don’t hate the reset….Quite the contrary I actually love the reset and look forward to this 21 days of goodness yearly. I actually just want to be done to get back to normal eating and normal scheduling for what I am used to. Its very common with the reset to get back to your routine! 

And no my routine after the 21 days won’t include the sugar of the holidays and the unhealthy habits and binging which also comes along with November and December eating. 😉

In essence Day 16 was very tough. I’m getting sick of Salads which always happens to be so its why I eluded yesterday that juicing comes in very handy for this big guy! 

Yep I’m sure Day 17 will be just as tough! These are the few days of the reset that most need to toughen up for…The dog days of the Ultimate Reset!


Ultimate Reset – Day #16 Video

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