Ultimate Reset Day 17 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #17


Ultimate Reset – Day #17 complete and a lil more anxious, and grumpy to get to the end!

I just cant tell you how tough these last few days are! You really learn a lot about yourself and how strong you can be when you have to get thru something tough to get a reward in the end!

I’ve always known I’ve had an addiction to food, I mean whether we admit it or not we all do. The thing I’ve been working on over the last decade is making that addiction a healthier version than before I found my health, fitness, and beachbody!


Todays meals consisted of Shakeology for Breakfast, Salad for Lunch, and we had more Miso Soup for dinner. Perfect on supplements, and now another day put to bed…..

Speaking of Bed……..zzzzzzzz

Ultimate Reset – Day #17 Video

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