Ultimate Reset Day 2 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #2

Ultimate Reset – Day #2 Hey all!!! How goes things?

Completed Day 2 today and well somethings never change year over year….Yep My first detox headache was present today….Not too bad as I expect tomorrow to be a little worse as it heightens into day 3 maybe 4…

What is it from? Well its from denying your body sugar, or starches, or even salt….Yep My body is pissed I’m cleaning stuff up so it sends a headache to say WTF, I need this or that. Well this guy wants this or that to be gone for now and replace with healthier options. Once the body adjusts the headaches will go away! But until then its fighting me!

Thats day 2 in a nutshell!


Ultimate Reset – Day #2 Video

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