Ultimate Reset Day 3 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #3


Ultimate Reset – Day #3. Saturday marked day 3 and also several challenges with being away from home for much of it! Sons sports presented challenges today as we had to travel!

Sure Breakfast was easy but lunch and dinner and timely supplementation while on the go was challenging! Thank god for meal prep and iPhone alarms to keep me and Dana on task!

Woke up early today to not only get breakfast and reset sups down row hatch but also had to make a micro green salad and prepare fresh Nori rolls for dinner.


Headache wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be today…Looks like the Reset gods are taking it easy on this ole guy in the 2020 version! Want to see how it compares with reset past? click the video below and compare and contrast! Ahhhhh to be that young again….Well that is the goal!




Ultimate Reset – Day #3 VIDEO

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