Ultimate Reset Day 4 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #4


Ultimate Reset – Day #4. Headache free today and felt great with a much more controllable day on tap!

Caught up on a lot of course and classes online today and that enabled me to be more on schedule with the Ultimate reset! All supplementation on time as well as the meals on time!

Still haven’t gotten on the scale yet and to be honest I’m not sure I will until day 22 when I’m complete. For me its not about the weight loss with this program. Its more about the way I feel and changes to sleep, skin, energy, and especially mood!

I get so many questions why I’m doing a weight loss program and so many times I explain thats not what this is. Its a attitude adjustment for food I tell people! Ya see everyone has addictions…Some people only associate addiction with drugs or alcohol or illegal activity like those. But addiction is so much more than that..Theres addiction to sugar or caffeine or even no food things like gambling or even Sex! Addiction can be good too such as those who are to fitness or exercise, or even activities found in hobbies like amusement parks!

For me its about kicking the yearly addiction to bad foods. Not having the headache today has made me more focused on kicking the bad food addiction more!

Almost a week in and ready for whats to come for the last 14 days!


Foods from Day 4….

Onto Day 5!


Ultimate Reset – Day #4 Video

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