Ultimate Reset Day 6 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #6


Ultimate Reset – Day #6 introduced one of my favorite meals today! Roasted root medley… Cooked the yams and juiced the beets for a great combo for dinner! Its so yummy and natural sweet! Really should click the links below I added to check out the recipe!

My Buddy Jason Diebold got me turned on to juicing several years ago and since then have loved beet juice, apple, carrot, and ginger root. But for this reset just did the beet juice and lil ginger for the next couple weeks!

Tomorrow is the last day of week 1 and looking forward to changes next week with recipes and new supplements. So tells me who’s ready to try the reset now after seeing what it is so far?

Heres some highlights from today!

Beet Juice….

Roasted Root Medley

More info on the wonderful recipes!


Ultimate Reset – Day #6 Video

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