Ultimate Reset Day 7 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #7


Ultimate Reset – Day #7. Week 1 into the Books! 2 weeks to go officially as I end today! Week 1 is designed to ease you into whats to come. Ya have some eggs within week 1, a few dishes with meat such as Chicken and Salmon….All of it slowly being removed as you move more and more toward the Vegan lifestyle.

Well I’d be lying if i said I wasn’t gonna miss some of those foods I have to say bye bye to now for the next 2 weeks!! If its one thing I’ve learned over the last 8 years doing the reset is that as much as I respect and admire the vegan lifestyle, its one lifestyle I personally could not sustain long term. I love meat, I love carbs so while its good to detox and let the body heal from some of what we do to it over the course of a year, I just know this is a once in a year thing being vegan for me! But man is it good for the body! Already seeing big changes!


Did I mention I’m down 8lbs already in 7 days…Yeah I did jump on the scale today and was rather shocked. One thing I’m doing a lil different from the Reset rules is working out lightly…Today was Yoga and it felt great to also sweat out some of what the Reset helps you rid the body of!

Looking forward to week 2 tomorrow!

Highlights from today……


Shakeology was my breakfast today..

Freshly made Miso Soup with tons of Veggies! YUMMY!



Ultimate Reset – Day #7 Video

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