Ultimate Reset Day 8 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #8


Ultimate Reset – Day #8. Streamlined kind of Day for the official kick off to week 2. I guess what that means is nothing to report that was extraordinary today…..Hey thats a good thing!

Introduced a new supplement this week though… A 3 times a day detox powder ya mix with your mineralized water you drink 30 mins before each meal. Now with a Pelvic Pouch, no Colon,  and Ulcerative Colitis I usually only do 2 of the 3 per day because after all my natural state is not being too backed up… I have to be careful not to cause infection in my pouch…But for the regular “Colon” user ya do it three times a day 😉


Carbs were non existent today as I had Fruit for Breakfast, Microgreen Salad for lunch and had Miso Soup again for dinner…What can I say..I like the Miso!

Onto Day 9! Hey look were almost half way there!



Ultimate Reset – Day #8 Video

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