Ultimate Reset Day 9 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #9


Ultimate Reset – Day #9 has come and gone and the Middle of this reset road is so close now! It always excites me to be on the down slope of the Ultimate Reset…Why? Well it means your that much closer to getting back to a new regular healthier choices routine…..

Today was tough because for some reason I had cravings today…Yes I had cravings for some of the stuff I’m trying to retreat and reduce. One thing that always helps with my cravings though and a trick I have used for years is a scoop of Peanut or Almond Butter. Yep it can be that easy too curb cravings… and Yes I had to resort to that today.

Tomorrow will be tough as its Saturday and have a day filled with sons events…Tournament all day so that means have to be extra ready and prepared and bring our meals with us!

Wish us luck!

Ultimate Reset – Day #9 Video

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