Ultimate Reset Day 1 – Jason


Ultimate Reset Day 1 is here!

I was not excited for no caffeine this AM.

Commit to the first 4 days of perfection and then I will see what is possible and can then determine how hard I am going to go at the remaining 17 days!

Here is my first Live facebook from this morning:

Next was breakfast and I had the Coconut Quinoa. It was sooooo very good! Way more enjoyable than the eggs. It may become a new staple in my diet! I also filmed that so here is that video as well:



Vegan Coconut Quinoa Breakfast

Vegan Coconut Quinoa

This picture got some good likes on my Instagram page.


After breakfast I had lunch it was just a Micro Green Salad and Miso Soup. In this video I mention how much I was struggling with the lack of caffeine. I recorded the Miso Soup to show how easy it is to make:

Here is a great picture from my Lunch Salad:

BeachBody Ultimate Reset Vegan Micro Green Salad

Vegan Micro Green Salad


Before dinner I had the Supplements which includes Power Greens. I think the Power Greens gets a bad reputation. Most people complain about how it tastes. I have learned to appreciate it. And I still do it as a 2-3 oz shot! Here is a short video about the Power Greens:

I am not going to lie! I got lazy for dinner and just went with Brown Rice and Black Beans with a little leftover Quinoa. It is basically a staple from Reset in a Crunch plan.

All in all it was a tough day. However, I focused on my goals and made it though!

If you are interested in trying the 21 Day Intro to Vegan Diet THEN PLEASE reach out to me.  I love it and LOVE sharing it with other folks too!

The ordering links can be found in the 2 weeks out Prep page towards the bottom. 2 weeks before you Begin

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