Ultimate Reset Day 2 – Jason


Ultimate Reset Day 2 is over and on to Day 3

Yesterday I was dying with the Brain Fog from no caffeine.  Today was a bit better and when I felt it come on super hard again I broke and had a Zevia.  Two Total for the day.


This morning I was excited to enjoy my pre made Overnight Oates.  I included Golden Berries which we can get locally at Wegmans but they are not available very often, so I do enjoy them when they are in stock.  Here is a quick video of my breakfast in bed:

Here is a picture of what was left.  The jars are easy to clean!

Ultimate Reset Overnight Oats

Enjoying breakfast in bed on the reset Overnight Oats


After breakfast I wanted to get a jump start on my meals so I decided to pre make my salads for the week.  Here is the live video from  my Facebook that I made showing how to pre make your Micro Green salads:

Therefore, that made lunch really quick and convenient to eat!

Ultimate Reset day 2 LUnch

Pre Made Salads Ready to go!


Meal Prepping went so well that in the evening when I was ready for dinner, I decided to make lots of extra Vegan SouthWest Rice & Bean Tacos.  In addition, Here is another live video showing that meal prep as well:

Here is a picture of the dinner I had.  They were awesome and I had several left over to pack.  However, I can not seem to keep the tortillas together.  For meal prep I just crushed up the tortillas and put them in the side container to keep them fresh. In conclusion,  I am glad that I had 2 position meal containers for this!

I can't seem to keep my tortillas together

How to Keep Corn Tortillas Together?

If you are interested in trying the 21 Day Intro to Vegan Diet THEN PLEASE reach out to me.  I love it and LOVE sharing it with other folks too!

The ordering links can be found in the 2 weeks out Prep page towards the bottom. 2 weeks before you Begin

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