Ultimate Reset – Day #1 – Myriam

Day 1 is here and has come and gone and were strong out of the gate!

Its always good to get that first day behind you and get the countdown going! Lot of prep both mental and physical go into getting this thing going!

Supplements are big part of this along with the clean eating. Today and actually this weeks supps are Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe, and Power Greens!

The Mineralize goes in water and is basically Himalayan Salt..This important supplement adds natural minerals needed by the body. Optimize in pill form supports the body helping absorption. Soothe supports digestive health and helps the body deal with the stress of the reset. Its more of a chemical or oxidative stress. Finally the Power Greens are just what they appear to sound to be….Helps the body with its acidic and alkalinity.

As you can see above I had Salmon, Spinach, and baby potatoes tonight. Along with meals earlier that consisted of Eggs and some shakeology for breakfast, and micro greens salad with homemade garlic dressing. No, its not how I’ve been eating throughout the holidays but its exactly why I need to do this now! Imagine what 21 days will do of eating like this for the body! While weight loss will be evident and nice, its not the true meaning of the reset. Its main function is to restore the body to optimal health and operation! Thats the real treat!

Cant wait until you see what it does to me and my insides, mood, sleeping, etc!

20 to go!!!


Enjoy the day 1 video below from 2012….

Ultimate Reset Recipes:

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