Prepare for Ultimate Reset – Day #T-14 – Jason

Hi all I am so glad that you will Prepare for Ultimate Reset with me!

The first time I did The Ultimate Reset I lost over 17 lbs in 3 weeks! Everyone I have seen do it to the T looses weight and feels better. I have also had great blood work results from before and after tests. According to the blood tests my testosterone went up by like 210 points! The doctor said that that kind of increase doesn’t even happen with actual testosterone injections in most men intended for hormone therapy! So it can obviously help with your hormones too. Here is the results that I received from the doctor that analyzed my blood work for the 21 day detox:

Jason’s Reset Results:

Weight Lost 17 lbs
HDL: From 54 to 57.
HDL ratio from 2.8 to 3.0
LDL: decreased from 91 to 82
TC/Total Cholesterol: increased from 152 to 169 (which is good since the ratio from good to bad went up!)

Increased from 327 to 534 (This kind of increase Can’t typically be done with injections! A typical injection schedule over 2 months is lucky to increase a man’s testosterone levels 50 points!)

Urea Nitrogen:
Test is a measure of the amount of nitrogen in the blood in the form of urea. Normal human adult blood should contain between 7 to 21 mg of urea nitrogen per 100 ml of blood. The measurement of how your body uses the protein it takes in. Decrease from 15 to 9

Blood Minerals:
Unchanged This is a good thing because many cleanse diets/programs will lower the amounts of minerals in your blood!

You can see the results from my first reset above are very encouraging.  This short video shows just some of the results that other people have had with the Ultimate Reset:

So you can see all the positive effects that this program can have on people! Don’t you owe it to yourself to invest 3 weeks to improving your own health? I sure wish we could share this program with everyone that has one of these symptoms that can benefit from the Ultimate Reset and preparing!

Above all,  if your ready to do this program with me we have to start with Step #1, Planning and Ordering!


While you Prepare for Ultimate Reset, know that is best done during a 3 week period where your work and travel plans are not very intense. If there is a slow time of your work season where you know you won’t have any major physical activity. Like no marathons planned or not during tax time for an accountant. Then that is the perfect time to plan to do the Reset.

So pick that start date! Many people plan to start on a Friday morning because Day #2 and Day #3 can be tough! Every time I do it I find myself taking a 3-4 hour nap just randomly on Day #2 or #3. My body seems to catch up by Day #4 or so when you have to go back to work your getting past the most major hurdles. Maybe even plan to do your Reset on a long holiday weekend and start a day before vacation!

As soon as you date is picked make sure that you order your product about 2 weeks before your start date! You can always order sooner with more time before your start date and it typically only takes between 3 and 5 working days to receive in the mail. But, plan ahead! Make sure you have all your ingredients before you bake your cake!


As for ordering here is the basic kit:

Ultimate Reset Basic Kit: Ultimate Reset Kit Complete No data found!

Or do like I do and get it with Shakeology too. So you have a backup when busy or if you just hate one of the meals, like fennel for me!! Vegan Shakeology can be replaced for any meal on the plan. Just don’t plan to live on Shakeology the entire 21 days! That would miss the whole point about learning vegan eating and would probably mess with your digestive system if you have more than 1-2 a day for such a long period.

Complete Reset Kit WITH Shakeology: Shakeology No data found!

If you are planning to do it with a spouse or a loved one you can buy 1 Dual kit instead of 2 Regular kist and save a little bit of money that way.

Dual Reset Kit: Dual Kit No data found!

Entire Ultimate Reset Program List:

To be honest you can select several different configurations and supplies for the Ultimate Reset here: No data found!

An Opportunity to Save & Earn

And I don’t usually mention this so early however since this program is a bit pricey it does make sense to mention it now.

When you get great results using this program, with the way you look and feel. Other people around you will start noticing! That is the best and perhaps only opportunity you will get to share this program with them. When you say it was the Ultimate Reset they will go online and buy it from one of our many Coach Distributors. It makes some sense to become a Coach/Distributor right away then so when folks start asking you can earn a nice 25% thank you check for the referral. Not only that but when you become a coach during your purchase you will save 25% on your ORDER right away. With the purchase of Ultimate Reset that 25% can be as much as a $87 savings if you buy the biggest option for 2 people.

Because that is such a big savings I would feel guilty to not even mention it. Read more about Becoming A Coach here:

Become a coach to save 25%: No data found!


Ok I have a few more tips to give!

1 – FaceBook Support Groups

Here is a list of the FaceBook support groups for the Ultimate Reset. They are setup in Phases:

Participant Portal

The groups begin with a general over page on the Ultimate Reset itself:


It has photos and videos that you may find useful and motivating. So check that out. To see all of the details in the groups you need to request to join each group. It is FREE with the purchase of any UR kit. It can take up to 48 hours to be approved to a group so you may want to request all of the groups right now so that you won’t have to wait to join any of them.

For now it may be more useful to look at the individual page for the Prep before the Reset Begins Group:

Ultimate Reset Participant Portal

These groups can be great for quick support when you can’t seem to reach your coach in a jiffy and you need to chat or ask a question right away. They are also good to give support if you want to feel better cheer someone else on!

2 – Ultimate Reset Participant Portal

This may be the best resource of the all when it comes to the Ultimate Reset.

Participant Portal

Reset Participant Portal (on BOD): No data found!

Here you have access to all the tools that BeachBody has made for the reset. My favorite is the extensive video library!!! It literally has videos for every meal that you will need to prepare. Daily dairies for tips on how you may be feeling each day. There is also videos 101 and 202 that teach you great tips to get started, very similar to the tips we have given here!

The Daily Diaries may be a great day to start each of your 21 days on the reset so that you have an idea of what to expect for that part of the Reset.

You will also find all of the documentation and books that you should be receiving in your Ultimate Reset kit available as .pdf downloads.

Program Overview: No data found!

Phase 1 Shopping List: No data found!

Ultimate Reset Recipes: No data found!

The Ultimate Reset Participant Portal is an amazing tool to help you through the program. It will automatically turn on when you purchase your program but, you will need a Beachbody On Demand (BOD) membership to access all the tools. BOD is an amazing resource all alone. It is like the NETFLIX of fitness! There are hundreds of workouts available to stream and download for free. Several membership types exist they each about $10 a month and you can get an EXTREME discount if you bundle it with a Shakeology or Coach order!

Get Beachbody On Demand (BOD): No data found!

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