Ultimate Reset Day 20 Selfie

Ultimate Reset – Day #20

Day 20 baby!!!! One more day to go before the 2020 version of our Ultimate Reset is complete and put to bed!

These last couple days have been exciting from new weight loss, to sleeping even better, to just general well being!

Yes I’m still over Salads and fruit and some of these meals but its weird because the last couple days I’ve enjoyed them a little more than the days preceding. Why? Well I think its because the finish line is big and bright ahead of me! 

Todays Meals were a lil mix of week 2 and 3…Yes I know technically your not supposed to pull from the past as its gets cleaner and cleaner every week but were traveling back to Disney day after tomorrow so I need to get my system a lil more adjusted to some things quickly as we’ll be eating very differently later this week!

Had Fruit and Shakeology for Breakfast,  Healthy Sushi for lunch with some tuna and shrimp in it… Dinner was my favorite in Miso Soup!  Again the sushi with seafood is a ease into regularity again excelerated due to traveling Thursday!

Last Day tomorrow!  

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