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Welcome to Ultimate Reset Day #1

Day one was easy as can be! Therefore, hope that is a good sign for the journey ahead!!

I was a little surprised that I didn’t even think about coffee until around 10am. It only popped into my head as a “wow” moment. I think replacing one habit with another was helpful. Starting the day with the Mineralize supplement was where my focus went! Mineralize is great – it is just a little Himalayan salt that you mix into your water to increase the mineral levels in your body.


The Optimize and Soothe are both in pill form so I found those easy to take but it was challenging to remember to take the Optimize a half an hour before eating. Optimize has enzymes to help you break down and digest food better. Most people actually have weak digestion these days so enzymes are a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your nutritious meals! Soothe supports digestive health and should help the body deal with the release of toxins better. I am going to try setting alarms today for the supplements but my schedule is a little unpredictable so I’m not sure that will really work!

I have to admit that I did not like drinking the power greens at all and am going to just add them into my lunch time Shakeology. I ended up pouring some of them into my zucchini and cashew soup last night because I just couldn’t stand the taste/texture.


The food really isn’t all that different from how I normally eat. I didn’t follow the exact meal plan in the book of what to eat on day one! In addition, I went through the weekly plan and figured out what would make the most sense for being on the road and my schedule.

bowl of overnight oats with orange, strawberry, and blueberry

Overnight oats were the meal of choice for the three days we will be in this location! I went this route for two reasons:

One – time! It took me five minutes to meal prep and will only take about five minutes each morning to slice up the fruit.

Two – eating for my type! I follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle and I am a “pitta”. To explain as simply as possible – there is more fire in my body than other types which means I need more cooling foods to keep my body AND mind in balance. A bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning would not be good for my system. However, cold oats are ideal!

blender full of shakeology vegan latte superfood shake

For lunch I had the Cafe Latte Shakeology with a banana and almond milk. I tend to alternate whether I have this for breakfast or lunch in my normal daily routine so I am making life easier and keeping the habit going!

plate of roasted carrots, beets, sweet potato with bowl of cashew zucchini soup

Dinner time was great! I made a full serving of the Cashew Zucchini Soup and two servings of the Roasted Root Vegetables so dinner is already done for tonight. The food was delicious. However, I ended up using the soup as a dip for my roasted veggies – it was delicious.

That ended my day! I had a really wonderful day overall and made a real effort to practice mindful eating at every meal so I reconnect with food on a deeper level. After that, spent a half an hour meditating by the pool and doing breathing exercises to help quiet my mind and relieve stress. I fell asleep easily and slept really well too.

Day one is done!

If you want to check out the recipes and what you are actually supposed to eat on day one, check out the links below!

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