Ultimate Reset Day #10 – Hilery

Ultimate Reset Day #10 was great! I put my new levels of energy into use. For Instance,  I went for a long walk with Bodhi to the beach. We learned that we are just about surrounded by alligators on this golf course!!

I did try to stick to the meal plan as much as possible. Maybe I’m too much of a free spirit these days. Being sick you are forced to do all these ridiculously strict protocols. After that, drink disgusting medicines so I have been going through way worse cleanses for the past two years. Since this one is from my choosing and not my doctor’s, I just want the freedom to make it work for me.

The fun in the sun did overheat me a little and I could feel a headache come on in the afternoon. Above all, I didn’t have an extra bowel movements today so I’m assuming my body is adapting to the supplement now.

I definitely was feeling a little lazy by the end of the day and did not feel like cooking at all! I decided to multitask on my video recap of Ultimate Reset Day #10 and make dinner at the same time!

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