Ultimate Reset Day #11 – Hilery


Here we go again!! Ultimate Reset Day #11 is here. I am officially over the half way point today. Above all, I’m excited we will be in one place for another couple days!

Next week the road trip continues with multiple travel days in a row. Therefore,  I need to start thinking about how to navigate this on the road and hotels rather than AirBnB’s.


I am still running a little hot and felt like a shake for breakfast today. In addition,  I think I can’t go more than a day without Shakeology!! IT was delicious. Similarly, I almost forgot to take a photo until it was almost done…

I went for another long walk with Bodhi and then made lunch. The quinoa salad was so amazing last night that I had to have it again today. I had one more avocado and I have to say that it made the recipe so I wanted to catch it at that peak ripeness! All this quartering avocados and letting it sit for days is not my cup of tea.

I don’t feel like the detox supplement is really doing anything at this point and am not sure what to think. In addition, I didn’t have any bowel movement today which is not a sign of health. Similarly, I’m a bit perplexed at why all these fruits and veggies are just deciding to hang out in my body longer than necessary!

I went down to make the miso soup and greens for dinner but was just too hot to eat something hot. Therefore, I chopped up the swiss chard and then started looking over what produce I have left that I should try to consume before we hit the road. The kale was starting to wilt, the green beans were going to be bad in probably another day so I decided to just make a salad with swiss chard, kale, mustard sprout, pea sprouts, green beans, tomatoes, and bell peppers. I added the quinoa to the salad and threw in a handful of pecans for some healthy fat. Above all, I am loving the lime ginger aminos as a salad dressing so I drizzled that on top and enjoyed!

Ultimate Reset Day #11 Video

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