Ultimate Reset Day #12 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #12 – I don’t think I have ever documented a journey like this before. It is interesting to see how the time passes when you are keeping track of the days. Part of me feels like it has been forever and part of me feels like it has been no time at all!


I am purely doing these next few days based on the groceries. There are certain things that don’t travel well like avocados so those have been eaten! Then things like beets and sweet potatoes need to be roasted. Therefore, I am going to do that today and put everything in Tupperware for the road trip to begin tomorrow.

One thing I had was a honeydew melon. I decided I would cut it in half, fill it with berries and just dig in with a spoon. I am planning on repeating this tomorrow and then all the melon and berries will be gone. In addition, I added a little mint as it is starting to go bad too. However, I wanted to salvage the good leaves and it is a nice flavor combination with melon.

For lunch I went with a shake. It really just is my go-to lunch and it is an easy, almost effortless healthy habit that I like to have in my routine. I just added a frozen banana and coconut milk as usual!

For dinner I tried to assess what I could make based on groceries and the fact that I have a kitchen for one more day! I had a bunch of asparagus and a bit of broccoli left so I ended up steaming that. After that I added it to a 1/2 cup of quinoa and a quarter cup of the roaster root medley from week one. It was really yummy and I totally forgot to take a picture but you can see it in the video recap.

Ultimate Reset Day #12 Video

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