Ultimate Reset Day #13 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #13 is a travel day. Not a big one at all but I am spending the first half of the day in Hilton Head. After that, heading to Savannah. Leaving the full kitchen of the AirBnB to the tiny refrigerator in my hotel!


I started the day off with half a honeydew melon again and added some berries. Lunch was supposed to be Shakeology as usual! Unfortunately with all the rushing around to get packed up, my shake got left behind in the freezer. Lunch ended up being nothing at all.

I was in Savannah a couple weeks ago before the reset started and I grabbed dinner at this super healthy restaurant. Therefore, I decided to eat there tonight and make life easier. Above all, I really love Savannah and want to enjoy some time out and about before I head up to the chilly north. In addition, I hit another hiccup when I arrived to pick up my order, they informed me that they had run out of food! I found a vegan restaurant even closer to the hotel that offered delivery. I placed an order and went to my room to rest up.

It felt like a day full of hiccups which ended up leaving me with a fairly large calorie deficit. I estimate between the fruit and the salad I may have gotten 700 calories in so I really need to do better tomorrow!!

Ultimate Reset Day #13 Video

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