Ultimate Reset Day #14 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #14 – Today was a big travel day from Savannah to Richmond Virginia! I started my day off with my 4:30am personal training client and then headed down to the car at 5:45am. After that, the car wouldn’t start!! It took us about an hour to get it up and running again and then I was off to Richmond. For my Breakfast fruit plate, I had an orange, an apple, a banana, and some grapes as road trip snacks.

I scheduled an appointment for the car in Richmond. It said I would get there at 1 so I made the appointment at 1:40 to give me time to drop Bodhi off at the hotel. However, by the time everything was all done it was 3:30 and I had skipped lunch once again. I headed to Whole Foods to try and grab a salad to-go but every single one had either meat or cheese in it so I had to wing it!

My Whole Foods finds are in the video. The soup was amazing but I do think it is local to the DC and Virginia area. It was another light day in the calorie department but hopefully once I get home tomorrow I can get back on track. These last two days on the reset have not been so great as the travel has gotten the best of me.

Ultimate Reset Day #14 Video

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