Ultimate Reset Day #15 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #15 – I am finally home! In Addition, I didn’t have my 4:30 client today so I hit the road at 3:45am to make it home by lunch time.


I brought some fruit for the car ride and ended up eating some grapes and watermelon with a little bit of coconut.

I was home by noon so I quickly made a Shakeology and had a little downtime before my 2:30pm client. It felt nice to make a shake in my own blender and know where everything is in the kitchen!

For dinner I used the quinoa and roasted root medley. After That, I put it on a bed of mixed greens with sliced up cherry tomatoes and some sprouts with aminos. It was delicious and totally hit the spot for a grounding meal to end the day with.

I had skipped a few of the detox supplements with all the travel so I actually did a full day of detox supplements. Above all, I and am planning on starting the Replenish tomorrow and go an extra day with it after the reset is officially over.

Ultimate reset Day #15 Video

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