Ultimate Reset Day #16 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #16 was definitely a recovery day for me! I actually had a pretty terrible day overall but I did stick to the Reset perfectly.

I trained my client at 4:30 and went right back to bed afterwards. Luckily I didn’t have anything else on my agenda for the day. Therefore, I ended up sleeping ALL day long. Every time I tried to stand up I would get dizzy and collapse to the floor. Similarly, I also had quite a few convulsions and tremors. I haven’t had any of these issues since December. Above all, I am hoping that I just taxed my body a little too much between the long days or driving and the lack of calories from missing some meals. My doctor also thinks this home could have some type of environmental toxin in it. For instance, I always seem to be healthier when I am not living here.


I stuck with the fruit plate for breakfast with dragon fruit, mango, and banana. Because I was feeling so weak and fatigued, I added some cashews to get more calories and healthy fats.

For lunch I had the same salad from last night with mixed greens, quinoa, sprouts, and the roasted root medley. I really enjoyed it and then went back to bed again.

Late afternoon I woke up and was thinking about how badly I didn’t want to do a live video tonight feeling this way. I contemplated just recording one and posting it up later but decided I would keep my commitment. Therefore, I got up to make a shake but started convulsing in the kitchen so Roberto made me sit down and he made it for me. After that, I figured I need all the nutrients and nourishment I can get so I really needed snack time today.

For dinner I did the roasted sweet potato and I made a stir fry of frozen veggies. All I had in the freezer was corn, green beans, and broccoli so that’s what I made! I added some aminos and squeezed a lime onto them when they were done cooking.

All in all it was a day full of sleep from beginning to end but I managed to nourish my body and take my supplements in between! Hopefully tomorrow I will be completely caught up on sleep and back on track, full of energy!

Ultimate Reset Day #16 Video

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