Ultimate Reset Day #17 – Hilery


Ultimate Reset Day #17 was a better day! I still didn’t feel quite like myself but it was a very long journey so I’m hopeful my body is just recovering.


I started the day off with the fruit plate and sliced up banana, orange, and mango with a little shredded coconut and cashews for some extra calories. These are not the low glycemic fruits they recommend but I am looking for a little quick energy this morning!

For lunch I went with the easy choice of Shakeology and blended it with a banana and a little frozen dragon fruit.

The dinner looked a little light to me so I went with a roasted sweet potato and steamed some broccoli and chickpeas.

I wasn’t very active today but I did have a few clients and worked online most of the day so it felt like the “right” amount of activity to let my body have some more recovery. However, I was renting another house in the Cape for awhile and my health improved greatly by being there. After that, I am wondering if there really is something toxic here that affects my health. I just don’t feel as good as I was and I definitely don’t think it is Reset related in any way.

Ultimate Reset Day #17 Video

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