Ultimate Reset Day #18 – Hilery


Ultimate reset Day #18 and I am finally growing weary of the Reset! I am finding the lack of variety challenging for me.


There are only so many fruit plates I can handle for breakfast. For Instance, I don’t know why they didn’t do overnight oats, chia puddings, and smoothie bowls as part of the breakfast recipes. In addition, they would all be Reset friendly, low-calorie, and provide a lot of variety for people to enjoy.

I threw my mango and pineapple in the blender this morning with some coconut water as I just wasn’t in the mood for fruit again.

After that, I got busy with errands and grabbed a food of convenience to hold me over until I got home for lunch. These are just dehydrated apples and strawberries totaling a whole 170 calories!

Once I got home I had a nice big salad for lunch with liquid aminos for dressing. I thought about having a shake around 4 but it seemed so close to dinner that I didn’t want to be too full. For dinner I had a roasted sweet potato and Roberto made a vegetable stir fry that was Reset friendly.

Closing Thoughts

All in all it was another easy day of eating. The reset meals have all been quick and easy to make. My number one issue at this point is just a little lack of variety and that the calories this week feel a little too light. If I was feeling 100% I may not feel that way. However,  I know when you are feeling weak then you need extra nourishment to help your body regain its strength. Since I can’t really tell what is going wrong right now, if I am just worn out from the travel or if there is some toxin I am struggling with – I am erring on the side of caution and eating slightly heavier than suggested.

No matter what you are doing, always listen to your intuition. It knows what is best!

Ultimate Reset Day #18 Video

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