Ultimate Reset Day #19 – Hilery

Ultimate Reset Day #19 is here! Wow, I can’t believe there are only two days left.


I started the day with the fruit plate but I added a vegan yogurt to it. This was the first time I had tried this brand and I have to admit that the texture threw me off at first! After that, I gave it a really good stir and it worked out just fine.

I was daydreaming of Shakeology after we went for a hike but we stopped at an Asian market and bought some jackfruit so I skipped the shake and enjoyed a fruit snack instead.

For lunch I stuck with the microgreen salad and threw in some of the leftover Asian stir fry veggies from last night. It was delicious.

Dinner was another veggie stir fry with a little pineapple and some brown rice. I’m definitely just winging it these days. Above all, I really wanted to try and stick to the plan since I am home but the dinners are so light this week and I am trying to regain some strength. I am just using the recipes that have worked well over the three week journey and sticking to them.


I haven’t really notice much of a change with the supplements this week. They have been really gentle overall so that is good! Just two more days to go and I will be back to my own clean eating routine!

Ultimate Reset Day #19 Video

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