Ultimate Reset Day #2 – Hilery

Welcome to Ultimate Reset Day #2

Since I am trying to make my life easier doing the reset on the road, my day two looks almost identical to day one! I added some different fruits to my overnight oats this morning and added a handful of greens and sprouts to dinner. For Instance, I mixed the Zucchini Cashew soup into the greens as a salad dressing and then tossed in the roasted root vegetable leftovers in from last night. In Conclusion, I actually enjoyed it more than the eating it hot the first night!

I definitely missed caffeine a little this morning! My eyes felt very heavy while I was training my client – granted that is at 4:30 in the morning but I’m usually bright eyed at that time! In addition, I also had a slight headache that I did take Excedrin for so I think that was a sign of a little caffeine withdrawal.


It came to me that I didn’t share my measurements with you yesterday! I did take a video in a bikini. However, I am going to wait until there is a before and after LOL. On March 3rd I weighed 149 pounds even. My body measurements in inches were:

Chest 34.25
Waist 27
Hips 39.5
Thigh R 23.75 L 23.25
Knee  R 17.25 L 17.25
Calf    R 15       L 14.5
Bicep R 12       L 12

Just thought I should have those down for a record somewhere. It is always good to take both your weight and measurements to get a clear picture of your progress. Photos and videos of you hair, skin, and body are important to take so you get a clear picture of your transformation.

I find as humans we tend to discredit ourselves for the progress we have made. We tend to only look at how far we want to go instead of all the progress along the journey. This is why I think it is important to document journeys like this – it may only be three weeks but you will have forgotten exactly how you were feeling and looking by the end.

Here is a quick video to sum up the day! This VRBO we are staying in has mold issues and is making me a little sick as I just cleared all the mold from my body! Luckily we leave tomorrow morning so I should be back on track after some extra detox supplements.

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